Thursday, August 27, 2009


So its been a couple of months since my last post and I do apologize, but let me beautiful children decided they did not and I mean DID NOT want to go any where this summer. No family vacation, no trips to visit family, not even a quick trip to Myrtle Beach. So needless to say we had a very un-eventful summer. The only thing that did happen was fourth of July. We had a huge block party. If memory serves, Adam counted about 150. There was awesome food, great drink, games, water slides and of course a terrific fireworks display. A good time was had by all.(sorry no pictures of the event) Jillian got her braces off two months early and her teeth are beautiful, now Maddison is getting them in September. Gabrielle finally lost her front tooth (not teeth) that was loose for a good four months. Sorry no dental update for Sebastian.
The big news for this post is......Everyone started school!!! YEA Yes Sebastian started kindergarten this year. His first day went off without a hitch. He was so ready, after two years of walking the girls to school everyday he knew the routine. Adam and I walked him all the way to his class, he went in found his cubby then his table sat down and started to color. Could have caredless if we were there or not. He had a awesome day and so far so good. Gabrielle on the other hand...... on the first day of school I get a call from the office where Mrs. Gibson informs me that Elle is in the nurse office with a 101.6 fever, would I please come and get her...not a problem I will be there shortly. Elle decides that I am taking too long and leaves out the nurses office, through the front doors to get on her scooter to come home. She gets to the cross walk when two ladies that work at the school notice her and race after her. Elle is brought back to the office where the "new" principal is explaining that she cannot leave without a parent when I arrive. I LOVE SCHOOL
Maddison is happy with her schedule and is excited to be getting back to art and as far as Jillian, she really likes her teacher.
Should anything exciting happen I will be sure to keep you posted.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

YEA for May!!

Hello to all,
May has come and just about gone with no updates, SO Sorry! Mom and Dad were here for the first three weeks in May and we did not take one picture...I know, I know that is horrible, so I can not post any pics of them and the kids. The events that were responsible for them coming to NC are 1). Adam was promoted on May 1 and 2). the little kids dance recital.
Adam was promoted from LTJG which is O2 to LT=O3. His former XO, CAPT. Styles swore him in and Commander Weber and I replaced his shoulder boards. After the ceremony we enjoyed a great lunch with Adam's new co-workers. It turned out to be a really good day.
After a eight months of hard work and stretching and remembering different poses and counting in french and the splits the three little kids had their dance recital. On Saturday the 15th Sebastian taped his little heart out and won over the audience(he was the only boy surrounded by little girls who were all dolled-up). He did a FANTASTIC Job!!! Mom and dad really and truly enjoyed that show. Dad laughed with all the little performers who decided to do "Their Own Thing". After Sebastian's show, Adam, Dad and Sebastian took a little drive for what we called "A Boys Day" to Cherry Point for the Air Show. Should anyone who reads this blog ever run into Dad, you must ask him to tell the story of Sebastian and the race to the potty!
On Sunday, my little "Ballerinas" danced with such grace and eloquence. Elle danced to Swan Lake and Jillian dance a piece from the Nutcracker (Chinese tea). They were absolutely beautiful.
So now this brings us to the end of the month. Tuesday the 26th Sebastian turned five...I just cant believe his is growing up. We had a very small celebration on Monday with our neighbor whose son turned five on the 16th, then Tuesday he informed Adam and I that he would not be five until he has cake and we sing "Happy Birthday!", that took place around 3:30 which would be around the time he was actually born.
Adam's birthday is Saturday, he does not like to celebrate so there will be no pictures to post. For those of you in Texas I hope May did not send you afloat and for the others around the country I hope May was good to you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Break

We are back from what I call a "Whirl Wind" of a road trip. It honestly felt like we were gone for a month and it was only a week. Our "little" trip started Saturday, April 11 around 11:00am. We headed up to Glen Rock, Pa. to spend Easter with the Zeilers. Of course traffic on 95 was the same....awful, so instead of going through DC and Baltimore we detoured and let Maddison drive from Gaithersburg to Glen Rock. She did great and loved all of the hills and curves!
Sunday was good, all of Larry's side of the family came up for the Easter celebration, good food good conversation. The kids had fun playing with the cousins they only see maybe once a year and yes the Easter bunny did visit Grandma and Grandpa's place. Monday started out not so good for me...stiff neck...but I was still able to go and visit with my good friend Andrea. While I was in Littlestown, Adam the kids and his parents took a drive to the inner harbor in Baltimore.
Tuesday we all got back in the car for a 2-3 hour trip to NYC. It was rainy and cold and I was thinking "why in the world did we go north when in the south the weather was sunny and warm?" wasn't sooo bad. We checked in, parked the car and off we started walking to Time Square and to find food. Typical pictures in front of Rockaeller Center and Time Square at night. During our four days in NYC, of course we ate (the most important thing) we visited the Natural History Museum, Central Park, the Plaza, FAO Schwartz, the Empire State Bldg. or as Sebastian referred to it "The Pirate State Bldg.", Statue of Liberty, Wall St., SoHo, Greenwhich Vlg, Tribeca, China Town, Little Italy and all of the big stores! The whole time we are trapesing about the weather was cold and windy, then on Friday as we are leaving the city the temp reaches 74 deg. "WHATS UP WITH THAT?"
Not a big deal it was only two hours to Uncle Neil and Aunt Lori's north of Philly....YEA! Good weather and the kids played outside with their cousin Landon until dark....wore them out! Saturday afternoon we headed into the city for a little more site seeing....Maddison's thoughts..."Not again..I could give a tour of this city with my eyes closed" but she did enjoy her cheesesteak, matter of fact we all enjoyed our cheesesteaks! We visited the Liberty Bell, Ben's house and a few other spots. All in all it was a fantastic day. That evening I do believe Lori and I were the first to fall out so I cant say how Saturday night actually went.
Sunday after a late breakfast, back into the car we go for our 10 hour drive home....WOOOHOOO. not a bad drive at all and here we are back to normal. Until May.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Very Smart Girls

Just a quick note....Jillian made the Principal's List again and Gabrielle (since 1st grade does not receive letter grades) is above grade in all her subjects and was awarded the Art, Guidance, Citizenship, Math, Spelling, AR and a few others. Maddison is as well doing a great job (have not received her report card yet). We are so proud of our GIRLS

Sunday, April 5, 2009


OK, I dropped the ball for the end of March so I am adding those events now to the beginning of Aprils. This is what was dropped..... Jillian had her third grade program which was about the fifty states and saluting our Armed Force Heroes. Then the only other thing that I failed to mention was Adam finally returned home (YEA!!).
Now on to April. This month began like any other until five p.m. rolled around. We (the family) were outside with the neighbors just chatting and kids playing. Bikes and scooters came out and Adam made a comment about how he had just tightened Sebastian's training wheels and I said "lets just take the darn things off and see what he can do!" and Viola!!! I took them off and put Sebastian in the cul de sac on his bike and said GO! He took off like a pro, as if he had been riding his bike without training wheels since birth. What a little show off. Now Gabrielle, is still riding with training wheels so the crowd encouraged Gabrielle to take her training wheels off. This did not go so well, plus she could care less. This all happened April 1st. April 2nd went by without anything to mention. April 3rd was our anniversary which consisted of me taking Maddison to the dentist, picking up the car and getting Adam's present....he was so excited, if only the wind had not been blowing.
April 4th was the hospitals Easter Celebration....5000 eggs, pony rides, petting zoo animals, moon bounce and of course free food. Kids had a wonderful time.
April 5th we headed up to the High School for Gabrielle. Now I know what you are thinking, what could possibly be happening at the High School on a Sunday that would involve Elle, well here ya go...... back in the fall her class had to write a short story from a prompt. The teachers from Onslow County and Camp Lejeune Schools choose which ones they wanted to submit for The Young Authors. Two Hundred and Twenty Six went to the Regional level and were published. Gabrielle's was one of those to be published. There were four total from her class that were chosen. We are so proud of her.
I have to apologize the videos will not upload...maybe next time
I will write more after we return from Easter and Spring Break....til then

Monday, March 9, 2009

More interesting March happenings

If anyone has not noticed, I actually give birth to fish. Any where there may be a pool, ocean or lake my kids will be in the water. Now they have taken up a new past time. Jillian, Gabrielle and Sebastian are playing tennis...OK they are learning to play tennis. They have had only one lesson so far, but enjoyed it immensely and are sooo looking forward to this coming Thurdsay. The next big exciting thing is.....Jillian got braces on her top teeth today. She was so excited that she was actually counting down the days.

MARCHing on thru the year!!

Hello again to all. It is now March and I know have a few things to report on...YEA!!! This past weekend the kids and I took a little trip up to our Nations Capital to kill to birds with one stone. First stone to be thrown...Adam's Grandfather found out just after his 84th birthday that he has lung cancer (this cancer thing need to be put on hold it is effecting to many of my loved ones). We were planning on seeing the grandparents Easter but since this popped up we (Adam & I) decided that it would be best for the kids to see their great-grandparents before they are no longer themselves. They are some of the few truly good people in this world.
Now for the second stone to be cast...which actually is a double edge sword of sorts..I think, anyway for those of you that I don't talk with as often, Adam is in Bethesda, MD going to comptroller school and has been there since the first of January, so we were up there to visit with him. Now for the double side...the little girls have been asking to go to DC and see the Lincoln and Washington memorials. I bet you can't guess what we did???? Anyone??? We saw the White House and the Capital and all the other memorials.....AGAIN as Maddison put it for like the five thousandth time!! This time was neat, the girls and even Sebastian really seemed to be interested and enjoyed all the walking. Now you too can enjoy DC with these great pics!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WOW its already FEBRUARY!!!

Happy February to everyone...only 10 and half months to go until Christmas...YEA!
Well with Adam being gone the kids and I decided we needed a little down time and this last weekend came the most perfect opportunity. My neighbor to the right (whose husband is also gone) received a great offer to a hotel in Myrtle Beach, SC, so she invited us and another of our neighbors. In all there were 14 of us in a 4 bedroom condo. Guess what? not once did we feel we were tripping over each was great. The hotel had a terrific indoor pool, lazy river (where Sebastian spent most of his time), play area and 3 hot tubs. Did I mention that my children have developed gills and fins and scales? Here are a few pics from the kids playing in the water... If anyone is wondering where Maddison is .....why? She is 15 and too cool to be seen swimming with the little kids and OHHH lets don't mess with the HAIR

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good Mid January to all....
I have to say I never thought I would see snow actually on the BEACH!!! yes you read correctly. Now, I did not drive over to the beach and take a picture, but I did see this on the news. It was very beautiful. I also have to admit, I am not a snow kinda person and never did I think we would get snow in North Carolina...maybe the west side of the state but seriously.....Well we did and it accumulated to about 4 inches. Needless to say I did not go out and play but the kids and dog did. With that being said here are a few pics of North Carolina Snow! Enjoy