Thursday, August 27, 2009


So its been a couple of months since my last post and I do apologize, but let me beautiful children decided they did not and I mean DID NOT want to go any where this summer. No family vacation, no trips to visit family, not even a quick trip to Myrtle Beach. So needless to say we had a very un-eventful summer. The only thing that did happen was fourth of July. We had a huge block party. If memory serves, Adam counted about 150. There was awesome food, great drink, games, water slides and of course a terrific fireworks display. A good time was had by all.(sorry no pictures of the event) Jillian got her braces off two months early and her teeth are beautiful, now Maddison is getting them in September. Gabrielle finally lost her front tooth (not teeth) that was loose for a good four months. Sorry no dental update for Sebastian.
The big news for this post is......Everyone started school!!! YEA Yes Sebastian started kindergarten this year. His first day went off without a hitch. He was so ready, after two years of walking the girls to school everyday he knew the routine. Adam and I walked him all the way to his class, he went in found his cubby then his table sat down and started to color. Could have caredless if we were there or not. He had a awesome day and so far so good. Gabrielle on the other hand...... on the first day of school I get a call from the office where Mrs. Gibson informs me that Elle is in the nurse office with a 101.6 fever, would I please come and get her...not a problem I will be there shortly. Elle decides that I am taking too long and leaves out the nurses office, through the front doors to get on her scooter to come home. She gets to the cross walk when two ladies that work at the school notice her and race after her. Elle is brought back to the office where the "new" principal is explaining that she cannot leave without a parent when I arrive. I LOVE SCHOOL
Maddison is happy with her schedule and is excited to be getting back to art and as far as Jillian, she really likes her teacher.
Should anything exciting happen I will be sure to keep you posted.

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