Thursday, May 28, 2009

YEA for May!!

Hello to all,
May has come and just about gone with no updates, SO Sorry! Mom and Dad were here for the first three weeks in May and we did not take one picture...I know, I know that is horrible, so I can not post any pics of them and the kids. The events that were responsible for them coming to NC are 1). Adam was promoted on May 1 and 2). the little kids dance recital.
Adam was promoted from LTJG which is O2 to LT=O3. His former XO, CAPT. Styles swore him in and Commander Weber and I replaced his shoulder boards. After the ceremony we enjoyed a great lunch with Adam's new co-workers. It turned out to be a really good day.
After a eight months of hard work and stretching and remembering different poses and counting in french and the splits the three little kids had their dance recital. On Saturday the 15th Sebastian taped his little heart out and won over the audience(he was the only boy surrounded by little girls who were all dolled-up). He did a FANTASTIC Job!!! Mom and dad really and truly enjoyed that show. Dad laughed with all the little performers who decided to do "Their Own Thing". After Sebastian's show, Adam, Dad and Sebastian took a little drive for what we called "A Boys Day" to Cherry Point for the Air Show. Should anyone who reads this blog ever run into Dad, you must ask him to tell the story of Sebastian and the race to the potty!
On Sunday, my little "Ballerinas" danced with such grace and eloquence. Elle danced to Swan Lake and Jillian dance a piece from the Nutcracker (Chinese tea). They were absolutely beautiful.
So now this brings us to the end of the month. Tuesday the 26th Sebastian turned five...I just cant believe his is growing up. We had a very small celebration on Monday with our neighbor whose son turned five on the 16th, then Tuesday he informed Adam and I that he would not be five until he has cake and we sing "Happy Birthday!", that took place around 3:30 which would be around the time he was actually born.
Adam's birthday is Saturday, he does not like to celebrate so there will be no pictures to post. For those of you in Texas I hope May did not send you afloat and for the others around the country I hope May was good to you.