Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good Mid January to all....
I have to say I never thought I would see snow actually on the BEACH!!! yes you read correctly. Now, I did not drive over to the beach and take a picture, but I did see this on the news. It was very beautiful. I also have to admit, I am not a snow kinda person and never did I think we would get snow in North Carolina...maybe the west side of the state but seriously.....Well we did and it accumulated to about 4 inches. Needless to say I did not go out and play but the kids and dog did. With that being said here are a few pics of North Carolina Snow! Enjoy

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Something Special
Teenage Beauty
She knew she could!
Tapping his little heart out
The new star of the remake "Risky Business"
After the events of the morning we all lounged the rest of the day. It was so nice not to rush to get ready and leave. Maddison did go to the movies around 6 but that was it. Now the following day we were up by 6:45am and on the road by 8. We were headed to Williamsburg to spend the weekend at Great Wolf Lodge with Larry and Trudy, Neil Lori and Landon, Steph, and Sara and Tara (Adam's side of our family). We had an absolute blast and I think I can speak for everyone on that. The kids swam for hours then played MagiQuest, they enjoyed the arcade and the cub club. I took advantage and thoroughly enjoyed a massage. Adam spent most of his time riding the slides with what ever child was brave at the time. So Sorry I did not take any pictures of this activity.....actually, I only remembered my camera once so enjoy.. Not only did we play all weekend, we exchanged our gifts with everyone and again I think I can speak for everybody in saying that we all were very pleased!! As we were all heading out on Sunday afternoon Grandpa asked "are we going to do this again next year?" I think he and Adam could have spent a whole week just playing in the indoor waterpark! Thank you Zeilers for making this a fun Christmas!!
Here ya go...the last half of December!!! Christmas Eve we spent at home with our neighbors which was a great time and very relaxing, Christmas morning, now that is a story to be told(or at least we think so). Grabrielle came into our bed sometime during the night (somebody always does this)well she awoke around 7 am to go to the bathroom...she comes back to our room to inform us that Santa had been there...telling everything he left and then proceeded upstairs to her room where she shut the door and turned on the television. About 30 minutes later she returned to our room with the news that Santa had left items in their stockings and them went back upstairs. Another 30 minutes passed and by now Adam has gotten up to see Jillian leaving Maddison's room, she looks around the corner and states "he hasn't come yet" goes to the bathroom then starts to head back to Maddison's room when Maddison appears and informs her that he being Santa did visit the house, during this exchange Gabrielle has reappeared from her room. Mind you there is no sign of Sebastian. The three girls go to the living room and announce they are ready to open presents and Adam interjects that we need Sebastian to do so. Gabrielle runs to Sebastians room where he is still snoring and begins to pull him from his bed while stating the Santa has come. The time is now 9:45am....What happen to waking your parents at 4:30am with wild enthusiasm, exclaiming that the Big Man made his stop?