Monday, March 9, 2009

More interesting March happenings

If anyone has not noticed, I actually give birth to fish. Any where there may be a pool, ocean or lake my kids will be in the water. Now they have taken up a new past time. Jillian, Gabrielle and Sebastian are playing tennis...OK they are learning to play tennis. They have had only one lesson so far, but enjoyed it immensely and are sooo looking forward to this coming Thurdsay. The next big exciting thing is.....Jillian got braces on her top teeth today. She was so excited that she was actually counting down the days.

MARCHing on thru the year!!

Hello again to all. It is now March and I know have a few things to report on...YEA!!! This past weekend the kids and I took a little trip up to our Nations Capital to kill to birds with one stone. First stone to be thrown...Adam's Grandfather found out just after his 84th birthday that he has lung cancer (this cancer thing need to be put on hold it is effecting to many of my loved ones). We were planning on seeing the grandparents Easter but since this popped up we (Adam & I) decided that it would be best for the kids to see their great-grandparents before they are no longer themselves. They are some of the few truly good people in this world.
Now for the second stone to be cast...which actually is a double edge sword of sorts..I think, anyway for those of you that I don't talk with as often, Adam is in Bethesda, MD going to comptroller school and has been there since the first of January, so we were up there to visit with him. Now for the double side...the little girls have been asking to go to DC and see the Lincoln and Washington memorials. I bet you can't guess what we did???? Anyone??? We saw the White House and the Capital and all the other memorials.....AGAIN as Maddison put it for like the five thousandth time!! This time was neat, the girls and even Sebastian really seemed to be interested and enjoyed all the walking. Now you too can enjoy DC with these great pics!