Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Break

We are back from what I call a "Whirl Wind" of a road trip. It honestly felt like we were gone for a month and it was only a week. Our "little" trip started Saturday, April 11 around 11:00am. We headed up to Glen Rock, Pa. to spend Easter with the Zeilers. Of course traffic on 95 was the same....awful, so instead of going through DC and Baltimore we detoured and let Maddison drive from Gaithersburg to Glen Rock. She did great and loved all of the hills and curves!
Sunday was good, all of Larry's side of the family came up for the Easter celebration, good food good conversation. The kids had fun playing with the cousins they only see maybe once a year and yes the Easter bunny did visit Grandma and Grandpa's place. Monday started out not so good for me...stiff neck...but I was still able to go and visit with my good friend Andrea. While I was in Littlestown, Adam the kids and his parents took a drive to the inner harbor in Baltimore.
Tuesday we all got back in the car for a 2-3 hour trip to NYC. It was rainy and cold and I was thinking "why in the world did we go north when in the south the weather was sunny and warm?" wasn't sooo bad. We checked in, parked the car and off we started walking to Time Square and to find food. Typical pictures in front of Rockaeller Center and Time Square at night. During our four days in NYC, of course we ate (the most important thing) we visited the Natural History Museum, Central Park, the Plaza, FAO Schwartz, the Empire State Bldg. or as Sebastian referred to it "The Pirate State Bldg.", Statue of Liberty, Wall St., SoHo, Greenwhich Vlg, Tribeca, China Town, Little Italy and all of the big stores! The whole time we are trapesing about the weather was cold and windy, then on Friday as we are leaving the city the temp reaches 74 deg. "WHATS UP WITH THAT?"
Not a big deal it was only two hours to Uncle Neil and Aunt Lori's north of Philly....YEA! Good weather and the kids played outside with their cousin Landon until dark....wore them out! Saturday afternoon we headed into the city for a little more site seeing....Maddison's thoughts..."Not again..I could give a tour of this city with my eyes closed" but she did enjoy her cheesesteak, matter of fact we all enjoyed our cheesesteaks! We visited the Liberty Bell, Ben's house and a few other spots. All in all it was a fantastic day. That evening I do believe Lori and I were the first to fall out so I cant say how Saturday night actually went.
Sunday after a late breakfast, back into the car we go for our 10 hour drive home....WOOOHOOO. not a bad drive at all and here we are back to normal. Until May.

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