Sunday, April 5, 2009


OK, I dropped the ball for the end of March so I am adding those events now to the beginning of Aprils. This is what was dropped..... Jillian had her third grade program which was about the fifty states and saluting our Armed Force Heroes. Then the only other thing that I failed to mention was Adam finally returned home (YEA!!).
Now on to April. This month began like any other until five p.m. rolled around. We (the family) were outside with the neighbors just chatting and kids playing. Bikes and scooters came out and Adam made a comment about how he had just tightened Sebastian's training wheels and I said "lets just take the darn things off and see what he can do!" and Viola!!! I took them off and put Sebastian in the cul de sac on his bike and said GO! He took off like a pro, as if he had been riding his bike without training wheels since birth. What a little show off. Now Gabrielle, is still riding with training wheels so the crowd encouraged Gabrielle to take her training wheels off. This did not go so well, plus she could care less. This all happened April 1st. April 2nd went by without anything to mention. April 3rd was our anniversary which consisted of me taking Maddison to the dentist, picking up the car and getting Adam's present....he was so excited, if only the wind had not been blowing.
April 4th was the hospitals Easter Celebration....5000 eggs, pony rides, petting zoo animals, moon bounce and of course free food. Kids had a wonderful time.
April 5th we headed up to the High School for Gabrielle. Now I know what you are thinking, what could possibly be happening at the High School on a Sunday that would involve Elle, well here ya go...... back in the fall her class had to write a short story from a prompt. The teachers from Onslow County and Camp Lejeune Schools choose which ones they wanted to submit for The Young Authors. Two Hundred and Twenty Six went to the Regional level and were published. Gabrielle's was one of those to be published. There were four total from her class that were chosen. We are so proud of her.
I have to apologize the videos will not upload...maybe next time
I will write more after we return from Easter and Spring Break....til then

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