Sunday, December 7, 2008

November 2008

November is my favorite month of all, not only because it is my BIRTH month but also Maddison's Birthday....she turned...get ready...FIFTEEN (thats 15)WHOA and as well its THANKSGIVING. I love Thanksgiving, the food, family and friends. My birthday was uneventful but the day was complete great when my parents arrived around 10:30 pm. It has been many, many years since I have celebrated that particular day with them. Friday Adam and I went to eat with out the kids---this could be the beginning of something. The kids were able to get Pop involved with Guitar Hero (playing the drums) and yes, oh yes Nanna was DDRing(dance dance revolution). They had a great time!! Jill and her brood arrived Monday evening. I was so thrilled that they made the drive to spend Thanksgiving in Jacksonville, NC even though she was not 100%. I was extremely grateful that Chase was able to get the time off to come as well. It has been many many moons since he has been able to travle to my place. I was sad though that not all of my siblings could travel here, but they were definately in our hearts. Instead of being like several crazy people and shopping on Friday, we as a big Family went to the movies ( to see a PG movie) and then bowling. Now that was lots of fun. Not only did my birthday take place and Thanksgiving, but the girls all did superb on their report cards and Gabrielle had a little Thanksgiving Pow Wow that Nanna & Pop were able to attend.

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Phlieger5 said...

Julie Kay,
You cannot have that many family members over for Thanksgiving and not take any pictures....come on now, post some shots. I would love to see everyone!!!